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Ground-breaking Ceremony

With the rapid growth of Westport and along with new innovations and technologies developed for LED luminaires, the Taoyuan facility requires expansion of space and thus will be relocating to a new site in Luzhu, Taoyuan. Construction started in Q4 of 2017.


In Q2 2019, the warehouse management and parts of the production will be relocated to the new site. The ground level has 4,000 ft2 area of space , to which a 5-stories high office-and manufacturing building is to be built on.


To mark this special event, the official groundbreaking is set to be on the morning of August 10, 2017. The Founder of Westport Shan- Chiang Lin will be present, along with the Westport’s General Manager , Ting-Mao Lin.


Commenting on the expansion of luminaire industry, General Manager of Westport, Ting-Mao Lin states: “Customer needs have always been one of the top priorities of Westport. Every strategy that we make, we hope to exceed customer expectations. To meet the needs of a growing market for LED luminaires, we must constantly invest in more advanced equipment and expand our production capacity.”


Westport keeps customers’ best interest at heart and with the expansion comes improved facility, products, and services. For those who of you drove great distances, thank you for making the attendance. Westport will strive to provide a better environment for our employees and service to our customers.