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Westport celebrates grand opening of its Wenzong site

On October 17, Westport International Co., Ltd, a global OEM/ODM supplier in the design, development, and manufacturing of LED luminaires, held the inauguration of its new Wenzong site in Taoyuan City, Taiwan.

Westport’s largest facility to date, the Wenzong site spans 4,000 ft2 of modern office space and advanced manufacturing capacities. Westport has already installed one brand new, fully electric Retrieval System – improving high volume of inventory management and data processing reasonably. The site also boasts a larger, semi-automated container terminal. The storage was built to promise higher cargo handling capacity.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by various professionals. Suppliers are welcomed by Westport’s Founder Shan- Chiang Lin and Westport’s General Manager Ting-Mao Lin.

“With decades of industry experience and beyond, we move towards an unprecedented expansion of our people and facilities but the root stays in Taiwan. Establishing the Wenzong facility is part of our vision and commitment to advancing the production of our LED luminaires, which have helped refine the user experience of interior design and commercial lighting over the years,” said Ting-Mao Lin, General Manager of Westport International.

Westport is ready to commence with the Wenzong factory’s automated manufacturing operations.