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Light+Building 2018

Westport@Light+Building 2018, Scoop

At the tenth edition of Light+Building, Westport was present with an 81-meter square exhibition space that showed a new Brand image with new products and technologies designed to revolutionize the world of commercial lighting.


The internal, focused beam generated by LED Scoop threw a convenient way to rotate up to 85° vertically and 355° horizontally. The beam spread adjustable between 25°~50°. there is also a dim to warm optional from 3000K to 1850K.


With its special structure, L071 (Sample) presented exclusively during the fair, given the possibility to widen or tighten the beam by twisting the cap.


The entire structure of finishes in the DP01 collection brought to life a combination diversity, recreated using the characteristic square trim ring of DP01, the compact step-marker with perfect proportions designed in collaboration with the hotel and residence design.